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Walking Backwards (Birger's Walk)
Walking Backwards (Birger's Walk)

Sited in a 17c ropewalk in Karlskrona, Sweden, Walking Backwards (Birger's Walk) takes the form of a video that braids together imagery from performers in the ropewalk and the surrounding landscape of southern Sweden. The text weaves together historical descriptions collected from rope makers, ropemaking manuals, and fragments from Xavier de Maistre’s 1794 “Voyage Around my Room” amplified and enlarged by a piece of original fiction woven within the fragments to create an account of a ropewalker whose lover is lost at sea.

The Repslagarbanan (ropewalk) in Karlskrona, Sweden was built in 1692 and was in operation until 1960. It is now preserved as part of the city World Heritage Site.

Vocals and violin: Astrid Selling
Audio recording: Dan Setthamer
Slängpolska dancers: Peter Svensson, Maria Persson

Created in collaboration with:
Konst i Blekinge, AiR Blekinge, Sweden
Kulturcentrum Ronneby Konsthall, Ronneby, Sweden
Repslagarbanan, Karlskrona, Sweden
Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden